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Groin Belov
Groin Belov


From the moment i walked into the SmileShop in the Tower Hill London branch i was greeted with a smile and warm hospitality. From the receptionist to my advisor the whole experience was second to none. The team was so friendly and welcoming. My smile guide Diana, aww she was just amazing she really made everything clear and made me feel at ease. Such a beautiful team. I can't wait to start my treatment. PS - My Smile is going to look fantastic, receiving my aligners in a few weeks. So excited 10/10


Awh my consultation was amazing with Fabi, she was super attentive, super informative and a super human being. She had beautiful teeth which made me want my teeth done immediately. Smile direct had top of the notch scanning equipment. It was very clean hygienic and made me feel safe and welcomed. Thank you Fabi and smile direct team I can't wait for my new smile.

Excellent service I had a consultation with Nora today at the Richmond branch. She was very professional and friendly and I am really excited about my new smile - which will be half the price of a standard orthodontist treatment and so much easier and hassle free!

I liked that my mouth could purse around the hard coin of any English sound, that I could write every letter seed-small. But even when I tried, Agong was never shamed. He never tried to read. He only smiled, his gold-capped teeth cheapening the light. When we walked home, he always tried to hold my hand, so I learned to hide them in my pockets.

Barring something absolutely extraordinary then -- yes, no doubts here. Not only is Xavi a remarkable football man with the most astute brain, masses of personality, durability and an infectious communication skill, he's the darling of this club. Club president Joan Laporta loves him, fans deify him, players respect him -- a situation for which most coaches would give their left arm.

Standing there wearing nothing but a towel and a huge smile on the final day of the season, Vedat Muriqi insisted that what he wanted was to stay at Mallorca, the team he had just stayed up. What they wanted was for him to stay, too. He had been vital in their survival, and was popular in the dressing room. A finisher and a fighter: a big, strong target man of a forward, the kind who was supposed to be out of fashion, you could throw a washing machine in the air and he would head it.

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