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Create a habitat that comforts you:

Shaping your own habitat is easier than you think. You are not obliged to decorate your spaces every time a new trend appears, but it is good to change the scene from time to time. You also don't have to clean the slate when redecorating your medium. The first thing is to determine what you have, what you lack or what you want to replace. The second, knowing how and where to place it.

With the help of LILISARTDECORS you can find the balance between what looks good and what makes you feel comfortable and update it from time to time. Keep in mind that it is advisable not to do without the plants and to avoid having to deal with maintenance or wilting, go ahead and use artificial plants. We use high-quality products and above all we ensure that they have the correct proportions.

The living room

The living room is almost always the epicenter of the hours we spend with family and friends. Choose ornaments that can recreate everyone's view, but without blocking your way. Always pay attention to the distribution of the elements that make up the place so that there is a balance between them.

Plants that exceed a meter in height placed on the ground are ideal (where they give more sense of movement), although you can also bet on one that accompanies a side table as a beautiful flower arrangement. They do not have to be recharged because they shine by themselves. We leave you here the biography of the best places to decorate your home






That your bathroom has plants that stimulate relaxation. It doesn't matter if they are small. Remember that it is the place where you can take away the physical and mental fatigue of the day and to achieve this you need a calm environment full of good vibes. Lilisartdecors gives you that and more.

Terrace or Courtyard

Green plants will fill your exteriors with positive energy. The greener, the more freshness you will get. Done correctly they are ideal to combine with the extensive palette of colors that abound in nature. Visual harmony is essential. We invite you to see from the hand of experts how to achieve your goal. Check here

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