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Bukhari Sharif Full Free Download In Bangla Pdf File

Bukhari Sharif Full Free Download in Bangla PDF File

Bukhari Sharif is the most authentic and comprehensive collection of hadith, the sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It was compiled by Imam Bukhari (810-870 CE), who spent 16 years traveling to various regions and collecting hadith from reliable sources. He applied strict criteria to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the hadith, and only included those that met his standards. He also performed ablution, prayed, and meditated before writing each hadith. Bukhari Sharif contains 7,563 hadith (including repetitions) in 97 books and 3,450 chapters.

Bukhari Sharif is considered as the second most important source of Islamic guidance after the Quran. It explains the Quranic verses, clarifies the Islamic rulings, and provides guidance for various aspects of life. It also contains valuable information about the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his companions, and his successors. Bukhari Sharif is highly respected and revered by Muslims of all sects and schools of thought.

Download Zip:

Bukhari Sharif has been translated into many languages, including Bangla. The Islamic Foundation Bangladesh has published a complete translation of Bukhari Sharif in Bangla with Arabic text, meaning, and pronunciation. It consists of 10 volumes, each containing about 700 pages. The translation is based on the Arabic edition of Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan, who also translated Bukhari Sharif into English.

The Bangla translation of Bukhari Sharif is available for free download in PDF format from various websites. Some of them are listed below:

  • []: This website offers Bukhari Sharif bangla pdf download (All Part) / বুখর শরফ pdf সবখণ্ড with a brief introduction and a table of contents for each volume. It also provides other Islamic books and articles in Bangla.

  • []: This website offers Sahih Bukhari Sharif (Bangla & Arabic) by Imam Bukhari as a single PDF file of 1.2 GB. It also allows online reading and streaming of the file.

  • []: This website offers বুখর শরফ বল pdf সবখন্ড ডউনলড (ইসলমক ফউন্ডশন) / Bukhari Sharif pdf bangla all parts (Islamic Foundation) with a short biography of Imam Bukhari and a summary of his methodology. It also provides other Islamic books and resources in Bangla.

Downloading Bukhari Sharif in Bangla PDF file is a great way to access this valuable source of Islamic knowledge and wisdom. However, it is also important to read it with understanding, reflection, and application. It is recommended to consult reliable scholars and experts for further explanation and clarification of the hadith. It is also advisable to follow the etiquette of reading hadith, such as seeking Allah's guidance, purifying one's intention, respecting the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions, and acting upon the teachings.


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