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Buy Broken Watches _BEST_

When I used to travel to India, I would search out the smaller roadside watch shops and ask them if they had any old watches for sale. They would readily pull out their 'stash' and I would select and buy what interested me.

buy broken watches

I used to go to Bombay quite often and the dude who drove us atiund soon caught on to my interest and pretty soon he was bringing in watches for me. Those that he brought in were usually better in the sense that he'd probably gotten them from a friend or relative and it looked like it had spent a tone in a drawer after it had stopped working. A bit more expensive than the junk from the shops but still cheap..

Another thing I do is whenever I'm in a foreign city I walk a lot and keep my eyes open. Areas around the wet market (in South east Asia at least) usually have someone repairing watches and they usually have used watches. I was in Krabi Thailand a few years ago and I happened upon a roadside watch repair stall. I asked him if he had any watches for sale but he only had some quartz junk. He did call his friend and he came by a few minutes later. After finding out what I was looking for he left and came back an hour later with some swiss watches including a nice steel omega and a rado diaster and a few Mido watches. Price was cheap....not dirt cheap but quite acceptable.

Do you have old watches or parts laying around that you think have no value? We will buy your box of old, broken or non-working watches including old parts and bands. We will buy all brands, including those not listed elsewhere on our site.

Even if items are not in ideal condition and not as valuable as if they were before, it does not mean their history is now worthless. Often even broken collectible items still hold a lot of value. Never assume an item with history is worthless!

Some jewelry, such as watches and necklaces, have many pieces that can be re-purposed. Watches have many moving pieces that are valuable when doing other restoration work. Particularly with vintage jewelry, often spare parts are worth a lot as the manufacturers may not make those parts anymore.

Breaking something that costs a lot of money is disappointing. The first reaction most people have is to throw that item away. But what if you could salvage some of your investment? Pawn shops often accept broken items in exchange for cash. You can sell your broken items and use the money toward a replacement or anything else you need.

Most pawn shops accept anything they can resell for a profit. Some even take broken items that need repairing. The only way to know for sure is by calling or visiting your local store. Here are some things you might be able to pawn or sell:

Electronics are a high ticket item people hope to find at pawn shops. If you have old electronics to pawn or sell, most pawnbrokers will offer you a fair price. You can also get cash for extra chargers and accessories. They may even accept broken items to resell as scrap material. Try pawning or selling the following devices:

Turn your broken jewelry into cash at The Vault Jewelry and loan. With seven locations just south of Washington D.C, we serve communities in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. You can visit our pawn shops at the following locations in Virginia:

If you've been wanting to sell used Apple Watches but you were never sure where? Consider our Apple Watch sell back service. At GoRoostr, we buy used, new, and even broken Apple Watches. Here's what you need to know about how to sell Apple Watch to us.

Our Apple Watch buyback service always gives you a fair price. Even if your watch is broken, we'll still give you a decent price. This is a stark difference from trying to sell your Apple Watch on other sites. They typically require perfect conditions.

Hello. My name is Vadim, and I need your watch, not for free of course, I would like to offer you CASH for your vintage, antique, modern, broken, unwanted, old, scratched, smashed, taken apart, you name it .... WATCH.

We also buy and pay top dollar for working condition, high-end wrist watches. We have connections to a network of watch dealers that we work with to insure that we give you top dollar for your high-end timepiece. call or come in today. (305) 956-9676

The answer is yes, you can sell a broken Apple watch. There are platforms where broken Apple watches are traded for cash. Here are some of the best places to sell a broken Apple watch you no longer have a need for.

Instead, they play the role of the buyer in the arrangement. Selling to them will reduce the money you get off the sale compared to using direct selling platforms like eBay and Craigslist, but you do get to sell your broken Apple watch quickly and without hassle.

Technically, you can try to sell a broken Apple Watch on OfferUp. However, you should be honest and transparent about the condition of the watch in your listing because OfferUp is packed with lowballers.

So you have decided to sell your broken Apple watch and want to look for a buyer online. Before you do that, make sure you remove the activation lock. To do this, unpair it from your iPhone to set up an Apple Watch Series. You can unpair the phone by opening the Watch app and tapping the Apple Watch icon.

No matter the current state of your Apple watch, you can likely sell it off to an interested buyer for cash even if it is broken. Just make sure you do a price comparison among multiple platforms before you sell yours.

I clicked through all the smartwatches and checked the lowest price a customer could get for each of them. I found out that you could get paid between $3.00 and $16.00 for a damaged Apple Watch. Sweet!

While the notion of wearing a luxurious wristwatch may not be feasible for those unwilling to dish out thousands of pounds on a gadget that has no function, others may work around this by renting watches for a fraction of the price.

Oh no!! Your watch is broken! That's pretty annoying. It ran perfectly, looks nice too, but suddenly it stopped working. A defect? Maybe your watch does work but it just isn't doing what it's supposed to do anymore? Loose parts inside the watch, a broken crown... It can happen with any watch brand, but it is the last thing you are waiting for. In this WatchXL Watch News we've listed 10 common watch defects for you, and in some cases we might even have the solution for you!

Does your watch have deep scratches and cracks in the watch glass? Then don't go walking around like nothing has happend for too long because pieces of glass can damage the internal movement. The watch also may no longer be waterproof.Replacing watch crystal is often possible, but expensive. Ask a jeweler or a watchmaker about the possibilities and costs. Those costs also partly depend on the type of glass and the brand / type of watch and the damage that the glass has caused in the watch. When looking for a new watch or new glass we always recommend sapphire glass. It is so much more scratch resistance that it is a that it is actually outrageous that this glass is not placed with all watches from a certain price range, excluded some diving watches that need more flexible glass.

Mechanism brokenYou've changed battery but all the things you did have not solved the problem with your stopped watch? Then it might be necessary to have the watch checked. The mechanism may be defective. Whether or not due to a manufacturing defect.

Is your automatic watch not showing the correct time? Unlike all the problems described above, this case may not be a malfunction. Automatic watches often have a certain deviation. That deviation can vary from a few seconds to more than a minute per day. Rule is: the more expensive the watch movement, the smaller the deviation. A deviation of -20 seconds to +40 seconds per day is quite normal. Does the deviation of your watch fall outside these limits? Then it is best to have it checked.

New and genuine Rolex watches are exclusively sold by Official Rolex Retailers, who warrant the authenticity of your Rolex and ensure its international five-year guarantee. The network of Official Rolex Retailers covers more than 100 countries worldwide.

Rolex watches should be only purchased from Official Rolex Retailers, who are authorized to sell and maintain Rolex watches. With the necessary skill, training, know-how and special equipment on site, they guarantee the authenticity of each and every part of your Rolex, and can ensure its reliability over time.

The suggested retail price for a large selection of Rolex watches can be found on in most countries. For any enquiries about prices for specific models please contact or visit your nearest Official Rolex Retailer.

Please contact your nearest Official Rolex Retailer. They are best suited to advise you on selecting a Rolex watch. They can provide you with information on the availability of Rolex watches in your region.All Rolex watches are assembled by hand with the utmost care to ensure exceptional quality. Such high standards naturally restrict our production capacity and, at times, the demand for our watches outpaces this capacity. Therefore, the availability of certain models may be limited. New Rolex watches are exclusively sold by Official Rolex Retailers, who receive regular deliveries and independently manage the allocation and sales of watches to customers. Official Rolex Retailers can provide information on the availability of Rolex watches.

Rolex guarantees the proper functioning of its watches for a period of five years from the date of purchase. The Rolex guarantee excludes normal wear-and-tear (notably the wear-and-tear of non-metal bracelets and straps), loss, theft, or damage due to misuse. The substitution of components with, or the addition of, components or accessories not manufactured by Rolex will invalidate the guarantee. The guarantee is valid only if (1) the watch has been sold by an Official Rolex Retailer; (2) the guarantee card has been completed in full by the Official Rolex Retailer at the time of purchase; and (3) the guarantee card is presented with the watch, either to an Official Rolex Retailer or to an Official Rolex Service Centre. Any work carried out by third parties will render the guarantee null and void. 041b061a72


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