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Video Song Hd 1080p Bluray Tamil Taj Mahal A Monument Of Love

Video Song Hd 1080p Bluray Tamil Taj Mahal A Monument Of Love

Taj Mahal is a 1999 Tamil romantic drama film directed by Bharathiraja and starring Manoj Bharathiraja and Riya Sen in the lead roles. The film is based on a true story of a young man who falls in love with a girl who is dying of cancer. The film was a commercial success and received positive reviews from critics. The film's music was composed by A.R. Rahman, who won the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for his work.

Video Song Hd 1080p Bluray Tamil Taj Mahal A Monument Of Love


The film features several video songs that showcase the love story of the protagonists and their emotions. The songs are shot in various locations, such as the Taj Mahal in Agra, the beaches of Goa, and the hills of Ooty. The songs are also known for their high-quality visuals and sound, as they are available in 1080p HD bluray format. Some of the popular video songs from the film are:

  • Taj Mahal (Theme Music): This is an instrumental track that plays during the opening credits of the film. It sets the mood for the romantic saga that follows. The theme music features a blend of Indian classical and western orchestral elements, creating a soothing and majestic sound. The video shows various shots of the Taj Mahal, the symbol of eternal love.

  • Sotta Sotta: This is a melodious song sung by Srinivas and written by Vairamuthu. The song expresses the feelings of the male protagonist, who is deeply in love with the female protagonist, but is afraid to confess his feelings. The song also conveys his fear of losing her, as he knows that she is suffering from a terminal illness. The video shows the couple spending some romantic moments together, such as walking on the beach, riding a bike, and dancing in the rain.

  • Thirupachi Aruvala: This is a fast-paced song sung by Palghat Sreeram, Arun Mozhi, Febi Mani, and Anupama. The song is written by Vairamuthu and has a folk flavor. The song depicts the celebration of Holi, the festival of colors, by the friends of the protagonists. The song also shows the playful side of the couple, as they join in the festivities and tease each other with colors. The video is full of vibrant colors and energy.

The video songs from Taj Mahal are not only entertaining, but also touching and meaningful. They capture the essence of the film's theme, which is love beyond life and death. The songs are also a testament to the musical genius of A.R. Rahman, who has created some of his best compositions for this film.


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