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Download CD 2.0a Patch for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings - The Best Way to Play the Classic Strategy Game on Windows 10

Patch 2.0aPatch informationGameAge of Empires IIRelease dateAugust 31, 2000Patch historyPreviousThe Age of Kings (release)NextThe Conquerors (release)Patch 2.0a is the first patch released for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, and as such fixes one of the most noteworthy balancing issues of the Age of Empires II base game: The fact that the Teuton civilization's Town Centers out-ranged those of other civilization which, in addition to the base game's lower Town Center cost and construction time, made the Teuton Town Center rush an extremely potent, if not degenerate strategy.

If you are playing a multiplayer game, all players must be using the same version of Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. For example, you cannot play a multiplayer game between Age of Kings 2.0 and Age of Kings 2.0a.

download cd 2.0a patch

Download File:

I have news for you, guys; I HAD a No CD patch for AoE II Conquerors Expansion, and it worked. I could run the game without having the CD in the drive. I used it for about a year, then downloaded some crap and had to format my hard drive, and lost the patch. But IT EXISTED AS OF ONE YEAR AGO.

There are more than human Operators active within the Al Mazrah warzone; this is a living, breathing world with a number of AI combatants ready to defend their patch of land, all integrated into the fabric of the world. If you choose to engage AI combatants, expect a different type of firefight compared to player versus player.

Why I install .net3.5 manual failed ? I download the .netframework 3.5 and copy to windows 8. I run the .net3.5 installation package. it also popup notice. But I want to install .net3.5 not require the network. any body gives some suggest?

Today we are providing installation and patching help for McStas2.0 on certainplatforms, where there are specific issues we have recently become aware of. Threescripts/packages are provided on the "download share": Extra packages and an installation script for Debian testing / Linux Mint Debian Edition: See this link Instructions and a patch script for the recently released Mac OS X 10.9 Maverics: See this link Instructions and a patch script for the soon obsolete Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: See this linkFurther, we will soon release a set of beta packages for theforthcoming McStas 2.1 release.September 24th, 2013: McStas (and McXtrace) daily builds available as binariesFor those interested in trying out the development version, ourdaily builds are now available for Debian, OSX and Windows systems,see the nightly buildwebpage.September 18th, 2013: Greetings from Berlin!This week the McStas and VITESS teams are running a jointschool in Berlin.The material presented in the school is available here.September 18th, 2013: Fix to the offline Perl module install for Windows!A bug was found in the "offline Perl module installation" below,please try again with the updated PPD zip fileSeptember 18th, 2013: Greetings from Berlin!This week the McStas and VITESS teams are running a jointschool in Berlin.The material presented in the school is available here.September 3rd, 2013: Workaround for installing McStas on Windows without anactive internet connectionWhat is not completely clear from the McStas install docs is thaton the Windows platform, an active internet connection is required duringinstallation.To work around this, perform these steps beforeinstalling McStas itself: Download and install a Strawberry Perl 5.16 for your system from Download this zip file (rightclik, save as) Unzip the Zip file and using a command window, cd to the folder Run the enclosed postsetup.batAfter these steps, install the McStas packages in this order: McStas core package (mcstas-NSIS-2.0-*.exe) McStas component package (mcstas-comps-NSIS-2.0-*.exe) McStas Perl tool package (mcstas-tools-perl-NSIS-2.0-*.exe) - then the optional Python packages if wantedOnce everything is installed, use the new links on your desktop for either starting mcgui directly or starting a "mcstas environment shell" with mcrun, mcplot, mcgui etc.July 4th, 2013: Joint Vitess and McStas School and Workshop in Berlin, September 18th-20thDear simulators!The joint Vitess and McStas teams are planning a common simulation school and workshop this fall - scheduled for September 18th-20th in the Berlin area.A rough program of the three-day school is: Day 1: Introduction and tutorials for the two packages, intended mainly for new users. Hands-on exercises. Day 2: Advanced features demonstrated by examples and talks. Hands-on exercises. Day 3: Users have an option to present their own work, give feedback and suggestions for new features.To have an estimate of the number of participants, please send us ashort email to indicating this, preferably before the end of July. If you are already experienced with the packages and hence would like to skip the first day, please also indicate this.Sending us the email does not oblige you to participate. :-)All the best from the combined Vitess and McStas teams!May 2nd, 2013: Updated ESS source components for McStas 1.12c and 2.0An set of updated ESS source components for use with McStas 1.12c and2.0 have been put in the downloadshare.The zip archive includes the following:Updated ESS source components for McStas 1.12c and 2.0 with Cold and thermal moderators Cylindrical cold source geometry Flat thermal wing geometry Geometry close to that from MCNPX 2012 cold brightness A much easier-to-use definition of geometry, allowing to specify the instrument position within a 60-degree sector A couple of bug fixes Updated Brilliance_monitor.comp for McStas 1.12c and 2.0ESS_moderator_long_2001.comp for McStas 1.12c (same as included in McStas 2.0)Test instruments set up for estimating the (cold) source brilliance of ESS in 2012 and 2001 versionsPDF plots of average and peak brilliance as produced by the new McStas source, overlayed on the officialcurve from ESS target division and the corresponding curve from VitESS.We hope to soon release McStas either a 2.0a or 2.1 which will include these as well as other improvements.April 6th, 2013: Ubuntu-based Live-DVD with McStas 2.0, 1.12c and iFit availableAn updated Ubuntu Live-dvd is available on the Ubuntu page. It includes: McStas 2.0 and all needed dependencies for Perl- and Python-based tools McStas 1.12c and all needed dependencies iFit 1.3.1Use it to try McStas without installing it to your system, to runMcStas in a virtual machine or as an easy way of evaluatingdifferences between 1.12c and 2.0.March 21st, 2013: Supplemental mcdisplay / Python package availableAs of today, our Python-based mcdisplay package is available viaeither apt-get install mcstas-tools-python-mcdisplay-2.0 on debian-like systems (if you added our .deb repository) yum install mcstas-tools-python-mcdisplay-2.0 (if you added our .rpm repository) - Or for manual download from our Download shareTo make use of the package, you need an x3d browser on your system -we recommend Instant Player developed by the FraunhoferGesellschaft.If you want to run a combination of our Python and Perl tools - have alook at File->Preferences in mcgui (see graphic below)The allows you to define the commands executed frommcgui for running/compiling (mcrun), visualizing (mcdisplay) orplotting data (mcplot) from your instrument. The naming convention isthis one (not completely obvious, sorry): Unix (Linux / Mac OS): ToolPerlPythonmcrunmcrun-2.0mcrun-2.0-pymcplotmcplot-2.0mcplot-2.0-py (chaco) or mcplot-2.0-matplotlib (matplotlib)mcdisplaymcdisplay-2.0mcdisplay-2.0-py Windows: ToolPerlPythonmcrunmcrun.plmcrun-py.batmcplotmcplot.plmcplot-chaco.bat (chaco) or mcplot-matplotlib.bat (matplotlib) mcdisplaymcdisplay.plmcdisplay-py.bat To save your preferences for the next McStas run, use File->Saveconfiguration: On Unix (Linux / Mac OS) systems to your user's $HOME/.mcstas/ folder On Windows directly to the system c:\mcstas-2.0\lib\mcstas-tools-2.0\perl folder March 15th, 2013: (Re-)enable syntax highlighting in mcgui-2.0 on UbuntuIf your mcgui editor on Ubuntu is missing it's usual syntaxhighlighting, either If you installed mcstas via our Debian repository, simply run this command in a terminal: sudo apt-get install libtk-codetext-perl If you installed mcstas "manually" by downloading our set of Debian packags from the download page, first download our 64 bit or 32 bit libtk-codetext-perl package. Secondly install it usingsudo dpkg -i libtk-codetext-perl_0.3.4-1_all.debMarch 15th, 2013: Component docsare back on website, plus an mcdoc hintAs several people have pointed out, the component docs were removed from the website in connection with the release of McStas 2.0.They are now back at have further become aware that the McStas 2.0 distribution - at least in the debian packages - was missing a call to mcdoc for generating the same pages thereTo remedy that problem, please:cd /usr/local/lib/mcstas-2.0sudo mcdoc -t- which should bring back the docs on your local machine.I am working my way down a list of other annoyances and aim to release a McStas 2.0a with various issues fixed in a few weeks. Please let me know if you found any issue that I can correct in the next release.March 6th, 2013: Building McStas 2.0 (and the dev-tree) from sourcecode using CMakeSeveral people have reported difficulties in configuring / building /installing McStas 2.0 from source code. Below you can find someinformation and hints on building McStas this way. The configure scripts in the McStas 2.0 packages are partly broken, they will NOT give you a proper build of McStas. We have made a transition to the CMake build system, and it turns out that you need a CMake > 2.8 for building McStas! Should you not have a recent enough CMake, you can easily build a new CMake one from source-code using: To install Cmake in the default location run ./bootstrap If you need to install somewhere else run ./bootstrap --prefix=/somewhere/else Next run maketo build andmake installto install CMake 2.8 or later. Once you have a CMake > 2.8 you can build each of the provided McStas source packages using e.g. tar xzf mcstas-2.0-src.tar.gz cd mcstas-2.0-src mkdir build && cd build To install in /usr/local as usual usecmake .. - otherwise use cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/somewhere/else .. Afterwards perform make and make install as usual The build steps above as minimum need to be performed for the packages mcstas-2.0-src.tar.gz and mcstas-comps-2.0-src.tar.gz For the legacy set of Perl tools you will need to build mcstas-tools-perl-2.0-src.tar.gz For the supplementary set of Python tools you will need to build mcstas-tools-python-mcrun-2.0-src.tar.gz and eithermcstas-tools-python-mcplot-chaco-2.0-src.tar.gz or mcstas-tools-python-mcplot-matplotlib-2.0-src.tar.gz TIP: The complete set of sources for building McStas 2.0 can be downloaded by thecommandsvn co -2.0instead of downloading the tar.gz's from thedownload page. Afterwards, use one or more of thebuild_... scripts downloaded to the top level to build yourown local version of McStas 2.0.Should you ever want to build our current development version, checkit out from our SVN at and have alook at e.g. build_debs_mcstas in the top level. If you want anon-standard installation-prefix, please do a exportMCINSTALL_PREFIX=/some/path/somewhere before running the build_or mkdist scripts.February 5th, 2013: Neutrons 2.0 workshop in BerlinHere is a flyer for an interesting workshop in Berlin this march:Also available here as a PDF.January 4th, 2013: Experimental deb and rpm mirrors for McStasAs of today we provide package repositories for deb and rpm packagedriven Linux systems. To allow automatic update of your mcstas, mcstas-components andtools when new revisions are relased, follow these instructions: On Debian class systems (including Ubuntu, mint etc.): cd /etc/apt/sources.list.dsudo wget apt-get update On RedHat class systems (including Scientific Linux, CentOS etc.): cd /etc/yum.repos.dsudo wget yum updateAfter following these steps your package manager should now be aware of mcstas (example from Debian) mcstas@debian:$ apt-cache search mcstasmcstas-2.0 - mcstas built using CMakemcstas-comps-2.0 - mcstas-comps built using CMakemcstas-suite - A metapackage for McStas + perl and python toolsmcstas-suite-perl - A metapackage for McStas + perl toolsmcstas-suite-python - A metapackage for McStas + python toolsmcstas-tools-2.0 - legacy-tools built using CMakemcstas-tools-python-mcplot-chaco-2.0 - python-tools-mcplot built using CMakemcstas-tools-python-mcplot-matplotlib-2.0 - python-tools-mcplot built using CMakemcstas-tools-python-mcrun-2.0 - python-tools-mcrun built using CMakeThe new meta-packages mcstas-suite, mcstas-suite-perl andmcstas-suite-python allows you to install mcstas with one or both setsof tools (mcrun/mcplot etc.) by simple apt-get or yum commands likeDebian:sudo apt-get install mcstas-suiteRedHat:sudo yum install mcstas-suite-perlPlease report any trouble with the repositories to news items: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003,2002, 2001, 2000, 1999,1998.

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