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Gennady Belyakov
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The Weeknd - House Of Balloons Glass Table Girls

Two puffs for the lady who be down for thatWhatever, togetherBring your own stash of the greatest, trade itRoll a dub, burn a dub, cough a dub, taste itThen watch us chase itWith a handful of pills, no chasersJaw clenching on some super-sized papersAnd she bad and her head badEscaping, her van is a WonderlandAnd it's half-past sixRead skies cause time don't existBut when the stars shine back to the cribSuperstar lines back at the cribAnd we can test out the tablesGot some brand new tablesAll glass and it's four feet wideBut it's a must to get us ten feet highShe give me sex in a handbagI get her wetter than a wet napAnd no closed doorsSo I listen to her moans echoI heard he do drugs nowYou heard wrong, I been on it for a minuteWe just never act a foolThat's just how we fuckin' live itAnd when we act a foolIt's probably cause we mixed itYeah I'm always on that okey dokeyThem white boys know the dealAin't no fuckin' phonyBig O know the dealHe the one who showed meWatch me ride this fucking beatLike he fuckin' told me"Is that your girl, what's her fucking story?""She kinda bad but she ride it like a fucking pony"I cut down on her man, be her fuckin' storyYeah I'm talking 'bout you man, get to know meAin't no offense, though, I promise youIf you a real man, dude, you gon' decide the truthBut I'm a nice dude with some nice dreamsAnd we could turn this to a nightmare: Elm Street

The Weeknd - House Of Balloons Glass Table Girls

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