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Japanese Teens [VERIFIED]

One of the teens he photographed, Yasunari Mochizuki, is 13 years old, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and weighs 300 hundred pounds. Yasunari is in training, determined to become a champion in the ancient art of Japanese-style wrestling, known as sumo.

japanese teens

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Indeed, many Japanese teens may look alike because they must follow strict school codes relating to uniforms and hairstyles. They don't let these restrictions squelch their individuality, though. Instead, they sometimes sew odd buttons on their uniforms or proudly point out characteristics that aren't considered desirable, such as moles or thick eyebrows ... all for the sake of being different.

Like their American counterparts, many Japanese teens love to dance. Kohei Ando, 17, frequents discos, and he wouldn't mind becoming a prime minister and making the world a better place. But, Kohei says, his career is already decided. He is willing to take over his parents' dry-cleaning business because he appreciates how much hard work his parents have put into it. "Right now, all I do is have fun, but when the time comes, I'll quit fooling around and start working hard," he says.

Bruce has used his camera to show affection among family members. Japanese teens don't hug or easily express love for their parents. Such directness embarrasses them. But Bruce captures the subtle bond between a Japanese parent and a child, as he did, for instance, in his picture of "punker" Katsunori and his mother.

If you'd like to step into the shoes of a Japanese teenager and try singing a karaoke song, grappling with a sumo wrestler, or riding a crowded city subway, you can visit an exhibit called "Teen Tokyo" at the Children's Museum in Boston. Life-size portraits of many of the teens on this page will be on display at the museum for three years before the exhibit tours the US.

Chinese teens report a greater likelihood to use their parents as apparel information sources than do the US and Japanese teens. Of the three groups, the US teens report the greatest likelihood of using marketer based information sources (i.e. advertising and salespersons).

"I am very excited to create a space for teens to share their love of Manga, art, and Japanese culture. It is a really cool opportunity to work with young artists and encourage them to encourage each other!" Shelby says, "I hope I can provide a welcoming environment for our teens to network & create. But, most importantly, I hope they leave feeling inspired."

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