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Mark Mishin
Mark Mishin

Tbarcode 11 Serial

We need to parse the GS1 datamatrix barcode which will be provided by other party. We know they are going to use GTIN(01), lot number(10), Expiration date(17), serial number (21). The problems is that barcode reader output a string, the format is like this 01076123456789001710050310AC3453G321455777. Since there is not separator and both serial number and lot number are variable length according to GS1 standard, we have trouble to identify segments. My understanding is that it seems like the best way to parse is to embed the parser in the scanning device, not from the application. But we didn't plan an embed software yet. How can I implement the parser? Any suggestions?

Tbarcode 11 Serial

The barcode seems to be everywhere. From the little keychain tag that the checkout clerk zaps with a wand to the print-your-own-postage services such as, barcodes have become an integral part of doing business. What is the attraction of these cryptic little buggers? Simple: you get fast, error-free data entry at 10 times faster than human input. If your products are ID-able, either uniquely (like a serial number) or non-uniquely (like a UPC code), you can reap great benefits from barcode integration.

This business card generator utilizes the label printing and reporting software TFORMer. This multi-purpose output solution includes a visual label and report designer (TFORMer Designer) and a SDK for automation purposes (TFORMer SDK). Highlights: easy-to-use barcode label layout editor with rich text, Unicode support, scripting, integrated barcode generator, fast manual data entry, database connectivity, serial numbers, direct printing, PDF-, PostScript-, ZPL-, HTML-, and image output. Learn more: barcode label printing and reporting software TFORMer.


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