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[S12E6] Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox

When hunters gather together to celebrate the life and tragic death of one of their own, Sam, Dean and Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) must take action when a demon starts picking off hunters one by one.

[S12E6] Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

It starts with Mary Winchester saving a young boy, Asa Fox, from a werewolf. Asa adores Mary for saving his life, writes letters to her, and eventually becomes a hunter. He is hung by a demon, later to be revealed as one he killed years ago.

The next day, Lorraine apologizes to Mary and says her son did live a good life and had a family. Lorraine decided to bond with her new grandchildren. Mary and Jody talk about her boys, who Jody says are the best of the best, but Mary says she knows that, that "they aren't the problem" .

Sam chats with a set of twins who were raised by a witch, before being "fan-girled" by a man named Elvis Katz. Elvis questions him about Lucifer, bringing the twins to Sam's defense. Sam, a little taken aback by the questions, leaves to grab a beer. Finding Dean in Asa's room, they are surprised to see a real angel blade among the man's effects. Sam is a little shocked that people tells stories about them. Dean reminds him that they're not in the long-life business. As the night wears on, people begin to leave and Bucky Sims begins to tell stories about Asa's life. The boys find out that Jody and Asa knew each other more intimately than Jody had indicated. As a hunter named Randy Bull goes to get more beer, he is grabbed from behind in the hallway and his throat is slit.

Lorraine confronts Mary in the kitchen because Mary was the reason that Asa began hunting. She gives Mary the box of unsent postcards, bemoaning that his obsession with hunting kept Asa from building a life, having a family, and now he's dead. Sam finds Mary, wracked with guilt at Lorraine's words. Sam reassures her that Asa made his own choices, and he saved lives. Mary can't stop feeling like everything she does is wrong. Sam tells her he gets it -- he understands that she needs space, and so does Dean. He acknowledges the truth shown by Asa's postcards: Mary was sneaking out to tie up loose ends on old hunts even after Dean was born. Hunting is in her blood, just like it's in Sam's and Dean's, and Asa's. Paying their respects to Asa, Sam and Mary find Randy's body roped to the ceiling. They tell the others, who decide they all need to leave, as they are dealing with a crossroads demon named Jael that Asa had made an enemy of. As they try to exit the front door, they find that it has been warded; they are all trapped in the house.

With Jael gone, Bucky confesses that he and Asa had argued over how to handle a hunt. The argument got physical, and when Asa shoved him, Bucky shoved back, knocking Asa to the ground where he hit his head on a rock and died instantly. Out of fear, Bucky hung his body to cover up what had really happened, hoping people would believe Jael killed Asa. When Bucky asks what they are going to do to him, the group decides that his punishment will be that they are going to tell every hunter what he had done, shunning him from the life.

Set after 12.6, "Celebrating the life of Asa Fox." Sam wants a traditional Thanksgiving with their mom. Dean wants nothing to do with it and their mom apparently wants nothing to do with them. A hunt gone terribly wrong straightens out some priorities.

We learn why Azazel wanted to bring Sam and all of the others like him in one place. Sam gets killed and Dean agrees to bring Sam back to life by offering his soul to the devil. Dean managed to kill Azazel in an ultimate fight. 041b061a72


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