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[S2E8] X Marks The Spot !!LINK!!

On the ninth episode of ALL IN Season 2, go all-access on how the Chargers clinched their first playoff spot since 2018. Take a deep dive into the defensive resurgence that powered this postseason push, including how the Bolts stymied two of the most explosive offenses in the league.

[S2E8] X Marks the Spot

The concept was creative and right up Sam and Dean's alley on the weirdness level. How gross was the "X" marks the spot body splatter? And while the final fight sequence stuck to the cartoon rules of using frying pans and guns that shoot out "bang" flags, the noises took me a little bit out of the moment.

Dipper needs tools but is unsure of where to find them. They spot a sign for the Mystery Shack and make a run for it. On the way, they see young Tambry and young Wendy riding tricycles. Wendy whispers to her friend that Dipper is cute, and she blurts it out to which Dipper blushes.

The episode ends in the past with Soos picking up Blendin's screwdriver, wondering who it belongs to. Meanwhile, an angered Stan kicks the handyman, Deputy Durland, out of the Mystery Shack and quickly spots Soos, offering to give him the new job. Soos agrees, and then feels accepted.

Jason wakes up and discovers that he can hear Raymond in his head. They realize that their hair is on fire, and quickly realize that they're in the same body. Dr. Double X spots the transformed Jason and attack. When the villain attacks, Batman lassos the villain. Realizing they need a recharge, the dual villain escapes. A highly intellectual Batman scans Jason and determines he's giving off nuclear energy and says they need to go to the Batcave. However, after they leave, another Batman emerges from the rubble and angrily goes to the Batcave. As he leaves, a Slacker Batman emerges from the rubble and goes to the Batcave.

It was reported that, on the day before the announcement, CBS applied for a number of trademarks in classes relating to entertainment, which could be connected with the new series. Marks applied for included "Star Trek: Reliant", and "Star Trek: Destiny", a title that shares its name with a post-TNG Star Trek novel trilogy. [10]

On 1 March 2019, it was announced that Hanelle M. Culpepper would be directing the first two episodes of the series. [16] This marks the first time that a black woman was directing the series premiere of a Star Trek series.

Aside for Patrick Stewart's own remarks on the new show, it was also revealed in the above-mentioned The Graham Norton Show episode, that the London Underground station Piccadilly Circus was temporarily dubbed "Picardilly Circus" in anticipation of the new series, whereas Stewart himself had related how he came across a New York City subway line map into which an imaginary subway line was incorporated, outlining the Starfleet arrowhead logo. [51] Both of these occasions had been part of the official franchise overall marketing strategy. London public transportation Head of Customer Information, Design and Partnerships at Transport for London, Julie Dixon, clarified, "We're thrilled to partner with Amazon Prime Video to create this exciting takeover of one of London's most well-known Underground stations to celebrate the launch of Star Trek: Picard. The Star Trek franchise is a global sensation and we're excited to mark this next chapter in a creative and engaging way that connects with tens of thousands of people. We hope that the out of this world activity has brought a bit of unexpected fun to our customers and that they boldly go on their commute, young or old." [52] The New York City MTA metro company Stewart had come across, additionally dispensed Star Trek: Picard-themed cards/tickets at six pre-selected metro stations, aside from displaying the series billboards and having adjusted its subway line map where the six stations were linked to form the Starfleet arrowhead. [53] [54]

It might not be a very good destination, though: the first thing we hear from Ser Kevan Lannister is that King's Landing will fall to Stannis practically on the spot. Lord Tywin has evidently been shaken from his Harrenhal-induced lethargy: he gives the command to ride out immediately, leaving Clegane to garrison the castle and root out the Brotherhood. He also leaves his cupbearer behind, and even deputizes her with an aside: "See that [Clegane] doesn't get drunk in the evenings. He's poor company when he's sober, but he's better at his work."

At the crime scene, Speed and Calleigh are processing the computer, when the manager rushes in, telling them not to touch the computer, for it contains sensitive market information and no relation to the crime scene, only to be waved off by Speed mentioning the spyware on the computer. When Calleigh pulls out a WiFi card case from the laptop holder, the manager gets surprised, claiming they have no WiFi in the building for the same reason: not to have anyone going around the inside spyware. They realize that the WiFi signal was from another building, and Speed spots the exact computer the used signal came from, in the building across the road. The mails recovered from the server reveals why the vic got around the spywared cable internet: he was dealing in prostitution.

Meanwhile at the MDPD, Susie's urine sample came back negative. The car she was pulled over in belongs to a Robert Keaton, and Susie confirms that he is her "off-and-on" husband. When Horatio points out that it's his meth, Susie starts to defend him, but Horatio wants a talk with him. When Horatio arrives with an officer to detain him for questioning, Bob starts to shout slurs at Susie, with Horatio defending her. Horatio spots their daughter, Madison, who just cut herself, and realizes that she looks like Raymond, his late brother with whom Susie had an affair with. He puts a blanket on her bleeding cut, then pulls Susie out for an eye-to-eye talk: he asks who's child is she. She claims she's Bob's, but Horatio points out they look nothing alike. When asked if Ray knew about it, she says that she only realized her pregnancy after Ray's death. He takes the bloody blanket, and bids farewell to Madison.

In the lab, Calleigh and Delko are with Tyler, who deciphers overwritten data. He finds a pornographic webcam site that videos a fictitious sorority. On their poster, Calleigh spots the name Amanda, a name that frequently came up in the vic's mails. The last mail stated a meetup among them to 10pm, the date of time according to Speed's text analysis. Tyler runs down an IP check for the place of the webcams.

Horatio meets Speed at the whiteboard. He analyzed the meth: it's normal, except for one ingredient, pseudoephedrine, a kind that animal vets use. Horatio recalls that Bob works at a pet store, then gets a call, and rushes away. Bob is brought in, but Susie is bailing him out. She claims she just wants to make up for him arrested, but Horatio spots bruise marks on her arm. She states that she's "stuck in a loop", and thinks keeping track of Bob keeps her off the meth. H asks her about Madison, while telling her that the tests confirmed she's Ray's daughter. Horatio promises keeping track of him, but only if she retracts the bail.

In the lab, Speed is doing paperwork. Calleigh checks up on him, with Speed telling that he found industrial floor polish on her shoes, which was used by the janitor at the office complex. Tyler confirms Amanda's alibi, with her live records having a timestamp. Calleigh faces Amanda with her shoes being at the crime scene. They go to a blind spot, where Amanda confirms that she was there, but he was already dead. She took the laptop and left.

Horatio visits the place Bob used as his lab. He finds a homemade antenna, made from a gun barrel. He has it analyzed with Calleigh, who puts the barrel in another .45 caliber pistol, and fires a test round. The bullet marks are an exact match to Ray's killer bullet. When asked by Calleigh if he's ok, he tells he is now. He goes back to the interrogation room with Bob, curtains it, kicks out the cup of water from his hands, and shows him the murder weapon belonging to him. Outraged, he tells Horatio that he was a degenerate, to which Horatio responds that at least he wasn't a coward like him. He stood up to him to protect Susie from his abusing. 041b061a72


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