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Sun [15] and Lin et al. [16] found that a horizontal swirling flow could be produced when using a swirling flow nozzle (SFN) with four tangential outlet walls. Compared with the normal nozzle, it is found that the SFN tangential outlet design can change the vertical jet into a horizontal swirl flow, promote the superheat dissipation of molten steel, and improve the defects such as central porosity and center crack of round bloom [17]. However, the swirling flow intensity generated by SFN is low, and the high-temperature molten steel from the nozzle is less uniformly distributed. Therefore, it is often necessary to use it together with M-EMS technology.

Short cracks tend to develop at high and irregular rates compared to macroscopic cracks, making the prediction of fatigue life a challenging task. In this work, a numerical framework combining crystal plasticity model and the Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM) is applied to study the slip-controlled short crack growth in a polycrystal superalloy RR1000. The model is calibrated from experiments and used to evaluate short crack growth paths and rates. Two fracture criteria are used and compared: the onset of fracture is controlled by the total and individual cumulative shear strain respectively, and the crack grows either perpendicular to the direction of maximum principal strain or along crystallographic directions.

The EH fuel pipe of stainless steel used in a power plant was cracked. The crack and leakage of stainless steel fuel pipe were detected and analyzed by alloy composition analysis, EDS, microhardness and metallographic structure. Results show that the alloy components conform to the requirements of the standard stainless steel EH fuel pipe's microstructure is normal, but EDS results show that Cl and S ions were detected in the crack aperture. The microhardness test found that the closer the hardness value is to the crack, the lower it is. Combined with the operating environment of EH tubing, the main reason for tubing cracking is that it absorbs moisture in the air and free Cl ions in a humid working environment, forming a corrosive medium. Under the action of working pressure and residual stress, stress corrosion cracking that expands from outside to inside occurs.

Hundreds or thousands of projectiles have been fired through a gun barrel. Catastrophic fatigue failure of gun barrel due to cyclic loadings by the stresses induced by the combination of high pressure and temperature combustion gas, and projectile with the rotating band interaction with the bore surface, has not yet been understood. In this paper, laboratory hydraulic fatigue tests on simulated gun barrel were performed on MTS Land. The experimental results show that there is an inherent relation between crack propagation in thick-walled tube and the external surface hoop and axial strains. This fact suggests that fatigue failure of gun barrel should be likely prevented by monitoring the external surface strains of the gun barrel and stopping continued firing before a major crack growing up to the critical size.

A method is proposed to investigate the sensitivity of the vibration responses on vehicle body to typical damages of ballastless track structures based on a coupled rigid vehicle body and flexible track model. Firstly, a coupled rigid vehicle body and flexible track model is established by combining SIMPACK and ANSYS software, and the reasonableness of the model is verified by coupling analysis. And then, the sensitivity of the vibration signals from different parts of the vehicle body to the typical damages of the ballastless track is investigated by simulating several typical damages on the flexible track model, and the feasibility of inversion of track damage based on the responses on vehicle body is investigated. The results show that a reasonable coupled vehicle-track model can be established by combining the finite element and multi-body dynamics method. The changes in the vibration responses of the vehicle body can reflect the typical track damages such as the loosening of rail fasteners, the debonding of CA mortar layer and cracks in track plate. The wheel-set axle box is the optimal location for installing vertical vibration sensors.

The application of external prestressed reinforcement technology in large-span reconstruction projects is introduced through a project example of drawing columns to increase the use space of existing buildings. Simplified calculation method and midas gen finite element analysis software are used to analyze and calculate the bearing capacity limit state and normal service limit state of GHJL-1 and GHJL-2. In order to ensure the safety and applicability of the large-span reinforcement and reconstruction project, the static load method is used to inspect the serviceability limit state of the structure after the reconstruction. The results show that the deflection and crack width of GHJL-1 and GHJL-2 meet the requirements of the code limits.


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