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Monster Energy Supercross

Parents need to know that Monster Energy Supercross 2: The Official Videogame is a dirt bike racing game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows PCs. Aside from an occasional "s--t" in the lyrics of a song, this game has no inappropriate content. But it does have a lot of corporate content, since -- like real supercross events -- there are ads plastered all over the track. The game's also made in conjunction with a company that makes energy drinks, and their name and logo is present throughout the entire experience.

Monster Energy Supercross

While supercross fans looking for a realistic simulation will be overjoyed, those who'd prefer a more forgiving experience may be disappointed by this dirt bike racing game. Like its predecessors, Monster Energy Supercross 2: The Official Videogame has you racing dirt bikes in multi-lap races on tracks that are lumpy, curvy, slippery, and even a little jumpy. Playable both solo or online with multiple kinds of bikes, it boasts numerous modes, such as "Career," "Championship," and "Time Attack," among others. It also presents them with the kind of depth and realism required of a simulation. Supercross 2 packs an even deeper advanced track editor than its predecessor, a compound you can explore at your whim, and more customization options for your bike and rider.

Unfortunately, if you're not interested in a supercross simulation, well, you're out of luck. This racer includes options to adjust the physics and the control of your bike, employing assists as you see fit. But unlike similar mechanics in the Forza games, the ones included here never make races as forgiving, and thus as much fun, as an arcade or arcade-adjacent racing game. That means casual fans will find this more frustrating than fun. If you can put aside the unforgiving controls, there's fun to be had here. By giving players even more ways to customize your bike to their preferred specs, and allowing them to make and share their own tracks, serious supercross fans will get a rush out of Monster Energy Supercross 2: The Official Videogame.

Like real supercross riders, the ones in Monster Energy Supercross 2: The Official Videogame wear helmets and pads, so what does this say about riding dirt bikes? Does it make you remember to wear your helmet and pads when you go bike riding? 041b061a72


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