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Noah Robinson

Counter strike 1.6 decayed lite portable: The ultimate guide for online shooters

stealth attributes are an online-only enhanced version of the corresponding in-game attribute. this functionality is limited to the main multiplayer lobby, and it works with all players who are online at that time. exclusive functionality works solely with players who share an steam id with the creator of the item, and it is limited to games for which the creator has given it permission. if you are unable to see this skill for some reason, simply enable it in the steam beta client. unlike steam beta, developers' suggestions are disabled in regular version of the client; there is no functionality to get your opinion other than in-game attributes.

Counter strike 1.6 decayed lite portable

leave the dread carpet and head to the museum, a small island with a small center that is very safe from the mirelurks, you should take the path to the west, then, north to the road to the area of the boat. you'll find the boat over there, use it to get over to the small island. from there to the helicopter. there's a room in the base of the helicopter, a fuel room that contains seven cans of fuel. use the fuel to fly over to the very top of the island, there's a small monument. there're three hunter's chute crates and a chest here, containing keys for the hunter's chute, a windmill, a poison gas mask, two medicine vials and a gas mask. go back and to the boat, and continue to the way to the subway. you can find a crate of weapons to the south of the subway in the beach, but better to go back to the boat where you dropped it. when you arrive at the subway, there're three hunter's chute crates and a chest in the lobby, a crate of ammo is hidden to the north of the subway, a room with two windmills and a hunter's chute is in the basement. use the windmills to fly to the top of the subway, the hunter's chute is above you. when you reach the top and open it, you'll find a hunter's chute key, a plumbum crate, a radaway pistol, a phosgen box, a ether box and an armor box. fly back to the boat, and continue with the subway.


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