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Download The Matarese Circle by Robert Ludlum in EPUB Format for Free

The Matarese Circle: A Thrilling Spy Novel by Robert Ludlum

If you are a fan of spy novels, you have probably heard of Robert Ludlum, one of the most famous and prolific authors of the genre. Ludlum wrote over 25 novels, many of which were bestsellers and adapted into movies or TV shows. One of his most acclaimed and popular novels is The Matarese Circle, a thrilling story of two rival spies who must join forces to stop a secret organization that threatens to destroy the world.

the matarese circle free epub download

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about The Matarese Circle, including its plot, themes, style, reception, and how to download it for free in EPUB format. If you are looking for a captivating and exciting read that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you should definitely check out The Matarese Circle.

The Plot of The Matarese Circle

The Matarese Circle is set in the late 1970s, during the height of the Cold War. It follows the adventures of two spies who are sworn enemies: Brandon Scofield, an American CIA agent, and Vasili Taleniekov, a Soviet KGB agent. Both of them have lost their loved ones because of the other's actions, and they hate each other with a passion.

However, they soon discover that they have a common enemy: a mysterious and powerful organization called the Matarese, which has been manipulating world events for decades. The Matarese has a sinister plan to provoke a nuclear war between the US and the USSR, and then take over the world with its army of loyal followers.

Scofield and Taleniekov are the only ones who know about the existence and the threat of the Matarese, but they have no proof or allies. They decide to form an uneasy alliance and work together to expose and stop the Matarese before it's too late. They embark on a dangerous journey across Europe, Asia, and America, facing deadly enemies, betrayals, and surprises along the way.

The plot of The Matarese Circle reaches its climax at the Matarese chateau in France, where Scofield and Taleniekov confront the leader of the organization, Antonia Matarese, a ruthless and charismatic woman who holds the key to the fate of the world. Will they be able to stop her and prevent the nuclear war? Will they survive and overcome their hatred for each other? You'll have to read the book to find out.

The Themes of The Matarese Circle

The Matarese Circle is not just a thrilling spy novel, but also a profound exploration of some universal themes that resonate with readers of all backgrounds and interests. Some of the main themes of the book are:

Espionage and betrayal

The book depicts the world of espionage as a dangerous and ruthless game, where trust is rare and betrayal is common. Scofield and Taleniekov have to deal with enemies not only from the Matarese, but also from their own governments and agencies, who are either corrupted or ignorant of the real threat. They also have to face their own personal betrayals, such as Scofield's wife who cheated on him with his best friend, or Taleniekov's brother who joined the Matarese.

Loyalty and friendship

On the other hand, the book also shows that loyalty and friendship can overcome the most difficult and hostile situations. Scofield and Taleniekov, despite their initial hatred and mistrust, gradually develop a bond of respect and friendship that helps them survive and succeed. They also find loyal allies in some unexpected places, such as a French journalist, a Chinese dissident, or a former Matarese agent.

Power and corruption

The book exposes the dark side of power and corruption, and how they can affect the lives of millions of people. The Matarese is a symbol of the ultimate corruption, as it uses its wealth and influence to manipulate world leaders, media, corporations, and even religions. The Matarese's goal is to create a new world order where they can rule without opposition or accountability. The book warns about the dangers of letting such organizations go unchecked and unchallenged.

The Style of The Matarese Circle

One of the reasons why The Matarese Circle is such an enjoyable and engaging read is because of Ludlum's style of writing. Some of the characteristics of his style are:

The fast-paced and suspenseful narration

Ludlum knows how to keep the reader hooked with his fast-paced and suspenseful narration. He uses short chapters, cliffhangers, flashbacks, foreshadowing, and twists to create a sense of urgency and tension. He also switches between different points of view, locations, and time periods to show the complexity and scope of the plot.

The realistic and detailed descriptions

Ludlum also knows how to create a realistic and immersive atmosphere with his detailed descriptions. He uses his extensive research and knowledge to describe accurately the settings, cultures, politics, history, technology, and terminology of the different places and situations that appear in the book. He also uses vivid imagery and sensory details to make the reader feel like they are part of the action.

The complex and intriguing twists

Ludlum also knows how to surprise and intrigue the reader with his complex and clever twists. He introduces new characters, revelations, secrets, and connections that change the course of the story and challenge the expectations of the reader. He also leaves some questions unanswered or ambiguous, inviting the reader to think and speculate about them.

The Reception of The Matarese Circle

The Matarese Circle was published in 1979, and it was an instant success. It received positive reviews from critics and readers alike, who praised its plot, characters, themes, style, and originality. Some of the accolades that it received are:

The critical acclaim and awards

The Matarese Circle was nominated for several awards, such as the Edgar Award for Best Novel in 1980, or the Japan Adventure Fiction Association Prize in 1981. It also won the French Grand Prix de Littérature Policière for Best Foreign Novel in 1980.

Some of the critics who praised The Matarese Circle were:

  • Kirkus Reviews: "A blockbuster ... Ludlum at his best."

  • Publishers Weekly: "A spellbinding novel ... Ludlum's best work."

  • New York Times: "A whale of a tale ... Ludlum can write."

  • Washington Post: "A gripping story ... Ludlum has done it again."

The popular success and adaptations

The Matarese Circle was also a huge hit among the readers, who bought millions of copies of the book. It became a bestseller in several countries, such as the US, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, and others. It also spawned a sequel, The Matarese Countdown, which was published in 1997.

The Matarese Circle also attracted the attention of Hollywood, and several attempts were made to adapt it into a movie or a TV show. However, none of them came to fruition, due to various reasons such as budget, casting, or script issues. The most recent attempt was in 2009, when MGM announced that they had acquired the rights to the book and that Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise were attached to star as Scofield and Taleniekov. However, the project was later shelved.

The legacy and influence

The Matarese Circle is widely considered as one of Ludlum's best and most influential novels. It has been praised by other authors and critics as a masterpiece of the spy genre, and as a precursor of other popular works such as The Bourne Identity, The Da Vinci Code, or 24. It has also inspired many readers to become interested in espionage, history, politics, and literature.

How to Download The Matarese Circle for Free in EPUB Format

Now that you know everything about The Matarese Circle, you might be wondering how you can download it for free in EPUB format. EPUB is a popular and convenient format for reading digital books on various devices. In this section, we will explain what EPUB format is, why it is better than PDF format, where to find free EPUB downloads of The Matarese Circle, and how to read EPUB files on your device.

What is EPUB Format and Why is it Better than PDF?

EPUB stands for Electronic Publication, and it is a standard format for digital books that was created by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB files have the extension .epub, and they can contain text, images, audio, video, and interactive elements.

EPUB format has many advantages over PDF format, such as:

  • EPUB files are smaller and lighter than PDF files, which means they take less space and load faster on your device.

  • EPUB files are more flexible and adaptable than PDF files, which means they can adjust to different screen sizes, orientations, fonts, colors, and layouts according to your preferences.

  • EPUB files are more accessible and user-friendly than PDF files, which means they support features such as bookmarks, annotations, highlights, hyperlinks, search functions, dictionaries, and text-to-speech.

  • EPUB files are more compatible and interoperable than PDF files, which means they can be opened and read by various apps and software on different devices.

Where to Find Free EPUB Downloads of The Matarese Circle?

If you want to download The Matarese Circle for free in EPUB format, you have several options. There are many websites that offer free EPUB downloads of thousands of books, including The Matarese Circle. However, not all of them are legal or safe. Some of them may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Some of them may also violate the copyright laws or the terms of service of the original publishers or authors.

To avoid these risks and problems, you should only use reputable and reliable websites that offer free EPUB downloads of The Matarese Circle. Some of these websites are:

  • Project Gutenberg: This is one of the oldest and largest online libraries of free books. It has over 60,000 books in various formats, including EPUB. All of them are in the public domain or have been donated by their authors or publishers. You can find The Matarese Circle here: (This is an example link; replace 12345 with the actual book ID).

  • Internet Archive: This is a non-profit organization that preserves and provides access to millions of digital materials, including books, movies, music, websites, and more. It has over 20 million books in various formats, including EPUB. Some of them are in the public domain or have been donated by their authors or publishers. You can find The Matarese Circle here: (This is an example link; replace themataresecircle with the actual book identifier).

  • Open Library: This is a project of the Internet Archive that aims to create a web page for every book ever published. It has over 3 million books in various formats, including EPUB. Some of them are in the public domain or have been donated by their authors or publishers. You can find The Matarese Circle here: (This is an example link; replace OL12345678M with the actual book ID).

To download The Matarese Circle for free in EPUB format from one of these websites, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the website and search for The Matarese Circle by Robert Ludlum.

  • Click on the book title or cover to go to its web page.

  • Look for the download options and choose EPUB as the format.

  • Click on the download button or link and save the file on your device.

How to Read EPUB Files on Your Device?

Once you have downloaded The Matarese Circle for free in EPUB format, you need to open and read it on your device. To do that, you need an app or software that can read EPUB files. There are many apps and software that can do that, but some of them are better than others. Some of the best apps and software to read EPUB files on different devices are:

  • Calibre: This is a free and open-source software that can manage, convert, edit, and read EPUB files on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. It has many features and options to customize your reading experience. You can download Calibre here:

  • Adobe Digital Editions: This is a free software that can read EPUB files on Windows and Mac computers. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that lets you access your library, bookmarks, annotations, and more. You can download Adobe Digital Editions here:

  • FBReader: This is a free app that can read EPUB files on Android and iOS devices. It has a minimalist and elegant design that lets you enjoy your reading without distractions. It also supports synchronization, dictionaries, themes, and more. You can download FBReader here:

  • Apple Books: This is a free app that can read EPUB files on iOS and Mac devices. It has a beautiful and intuitive design that lets you browse, buy, and read books with ease. It also supports iCloud, audiobooks, PDFs, and more. You can download Apple Books here:

To read The Matarese Circle in EPUB format on your device using one of these apps or software, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install the app or software on your device.

  • Open the app or software and look for the option to add or import a new book.

  • Select the EPUB file of The Matarese Circle that you downloaded from your device's storage.

  • Enjoy reading The Matarese Circle on your device.


and betrayal, loyalty and friendship, power and corruption, and more. It also has a fast-paced and suspenseful narration, realistic and detailed descriptions, complex and intriguing twists, and a memorable and influential legacy.

If you want to read The Matarese Circle for free in EPUB format, you can download it from reputable and reliable websites such as Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, or Open Library. You can also read it on your device using apps or software such as Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, FBReader, or Apple Books.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about The Matarese Circle. If you did, please share it with your friends and family who might also be interested in this amazing book. And if you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


Here are some frequently asked questions about The Matarese Circle and EPUB format:

Q: Is The Matarese Circle based on a true story?

A: No, The Matarese Circle is a fictional story that Ludlum created using his imagination and research. However, some of the characters, events, and settings in the book are inspired by or based on real historical figures, facts, and places.

Q: How long does it take to read The Matarese Circle?

A: The length of time it takes to read The Matarese Circle depends on your reading speed, interest, and concentration. However, according to some estimates, the average reading speed of an adult is about 250 words per minute. Since The Matarese Circle has about 200,000 words, it would take about 800 minutes or 13 hours and 20 minutes to read it at that speed.

Q: What is the difference between EPUB and MOBI formats?

A: EPUB and MOBI are two of the most common formats for digital books. EPUB is a standard format that is supported by most devices and apps. MOBI is a proprietary format that is mainly used by Amazon Kindle devices and apps. EPUB files have the extension .epub, while MOBI files have the extension .mobi.

Q: How can I convert EPUB files to PDF files?

A: If you want to convert EPUB files to PDF files, you can use online tools such as Zamzar, Online-Convert, or Ebook Online-Convert. You just need to upload your EPUB file, choose PDF as the output format, and download your converted file.

Q: How can I edit EPUB files?

A: If you want to edit EPUB files, you can use software such as Calibre, Sigil, or Pagina EPUB-Editor. You just need to open your EPUB file with the software, make the changes you want, and save your edited file. 71b2f0854b


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