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Noah Robinson
Noah Robinson

Just Dance 3 Pata Pata

Just Dance 3 is a great way to have fun with friends (and possibly embarrass yourself) while also being active. Trust me, even if you are doing it on your own, it does not feel like a boring exercise routine. With the large selection of songs, modes, and possibly achievements you will not easily get bored of playing it. So join in on the fun and just dance!

Just Dance 3 Pata Pata


[If you're good and followed the above sequence on cue and in Fever Mode - you should complete the stage just before or when the plain gets fiery red. Your army will be performing the victory dance in the fire... man, tough little things - no offence Dekapon].

I've been advised that this mission is far easier if you have no Barsala patapons, no Fire or Divine weapons, and no Divine Stew. I'm guessing the faster & stronger hit rate of Barsala Patapons would cause fire. Although I completed it using Barsalas, I guess without them this mission may be super easy. 041b061a72


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